Re-wrap services

Re-wrap services - Precision Drum logo

Re-wrap services are available through the experts at Precision Drum Company who have more than 50 years of experience installing drum wraps. Plastic drum recovering wrap may also be purchased for do-it-yourself recovering. See our large selection of wraps here. Drums requiring recovering services should be shipped to us with all hardware removed. You may also remove the old drum wrap if you choose. Otherwise, we charge $50 per hour for removing old wraps.

Re-wrap services include:

Applying the wrap to the shell(s).
Blending the wrap into the bearing edges.
Drilling necessary mounting hardware holes through new wrap.
Reinstalling name tag and/or breather hole grommets.

A few examples of our recovering work:

Re-wrap services - Kyle D

Re-wrap services - Burke

Re-wrap services - Dycio

See more before and after pictures here.