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The expert craftsmen at Precision Drum Company have been serving the needs of drummers for more than 50 years and have performed other services from the ones listed. We are open to unusual requests and have helped many drummers solve problems that no other company was willing or able to. If you have a need but don't see the service listed here, please contact us and ask. We are here to help you if we can!

Some of the other services we offer include:

Build your own kit with our supplies and advice.
Repairing of lifted wrap seams.
Acrylic shell drilling and bearing edge cutting.
Notching / gluing together more than one shell to create extended depths.
Custom bearing edge contours.
Patching of unwanted holes in shells.
Fabrication of unique parts per customer specs.
Repair loose or cracked reinforcing rings.
Cymbal rivet installation.
Add on drums.

Contact us about any of the above, or other requests.

Super restoration example:

The owner of this bass drum had a big problem. The bass drum was so water damaged, it could not be played. One of the reinforcing rings had rotted, and the bearing edge was - well, see the pictures. However, it’s vintage wrap finish matched the rest of the kit. If the bass drum were replaced, a new wrap finish would not match the other drums.
The craftsman at Precision Drum Company custom fit a notched shell segment on which a new bearing edge could be cut. The segment was glued in place, then further reinforced with a conventional reinforcing ring. When a drum head is installed, the repair cannot be seen.


Other services - before 1Other services - before 2


Other services - after 1Other services - after 2

Vintage strainer repair example:

This old Gretsch strainer had a broken inner linkage part, rendering it useless. The expert machinist at Precision Drum Company fabricated a replacement part to save this strainer!